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Welcome To The Most Remarkably Efficient, Surprisingly Simple, and Downright Affordable Home Cidermaking System Ever Devised

Updated: 5 January 2017

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You're going to find a wealth of homemade sweet-cider inspiration on this web site. Don't leave without checking out the Whizbang Cider Photo Gallery and my My Newest Whizbang Cidermaking Technique. Pictures tell the story better than words. Now, let me introduce you to Whizbang Cider...

I suspect you are familiar with old-style cidermaking equipment consisting of a hand-crank apple grinder and a press with a big Acme screw that is turned down in order to put the squeeze to the ground-up apples. Such tools have been the home cidermaking standard for over a hundred years. And there are cider press companies that still sell (for a hefty price tag) grinders and presses patterned after the old tools. That old-style cidermaking equipment will get the job done but it does not get the job done easily or efficiently. Not at all.

After using old-style cidermaking equipment over the years to make my own fresh-squeezed sweet apple cider, I came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way. Which is to say, there had to be an easier way, and a more productive way, and a less expensive way.

And so it was that I set out on a personal quest to develop my own cidermaking equipment. I wanted a grinder and press that was easy to build with basic handyman tools and skills, relatively inexpensive, and very efficient. It took me four cider seasons of tinkering and testing before I finally had something I was satisfied with. My goal was achieved in the fall of 2008. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. That's why I call it Whizbang cidermaking. "Whizbang" is a dictionary word that means "conspicuous for speed, excellence, or startling effect." Yup, the name fits.

Then I set to work putting my grinder and press designs into plan form so that you, your family, and your friends could experience the sheer joy that comes with making gallons and gallons of pure, sweet, wholesome apple cider. My 46-page plan book provides complete, easy to understand directions. It was published in March of 2009, then updated and reprinted in June of 2010. The cost of the book is only $21.95 (first class postage paid). You can see the book and read about it at this link:

Anyone Can Build a Whizbang Apple Grinder & Cider Press

I invite you to investigate the wealth of Whizbang Cider information found at this site. Just click on the links that are down the right side of this page. More information will be added in the days ahead.

Best Whizbang Whishes,

Herrick Kimball